About Us

T&ATS is a bi-lingual and bi-cultural company, meaning that some of its key personnel have lived for long periods in South America and Mexico and, as a consequence, are fluent in Spanish. In Brazil, we modified a jack-up drilling rig for zero discharge. And because the operators were a multinational consortium, the work required some fluency in four languages.

T&ATS is a M/WBE company, certified as such by the City of Houston’s Affirmative Action Division. We have worked as a subcontractor on the DOA’s maintenance projects.


Naval Architecture
USCG-certified and Classed designs for MODU’s, liftboats, workboats and other commercial craft.
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Technical documentation services, from operator’s manuals to trade magazine articles.
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Specializing in structural, arrangements and outfitting, mooring, electrical, piping systems, mechanical, and construction drawings.
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Maintenance Management
T&ATS has years of experience with various CMMS’s and can migrate data between systems, perform initial setups, and provide customized programming.
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